Thursday, 18 August 2011


Well, the 5k Endurance is over, and all I can honestly say is 'ugh'. To rephrase that a little, it was not a good race and I felt slow, but I pushed hard enough to make it an honest effort. But in some ways it was OK, considering where I started. I ran a 16:15 time trial in early April, which felt really slow. Then after returning from my achilles tendon injury (healing time 4 weeks in all) I ran 15:53 in May at the Ottawa Race weekend.

Monday, 8 August 2011

St John's vacation over and back to Montreal

I took some time off from writing but not from running. It was a busy two weeks. First things first, a summary of the Tely 10, which I ran two weeks ago. I was excited to come in second with a nine second PB of 52:27, a minute behind Colin Fewer. There was some good competition this year with Grant Handrigan just behind me (he beat me last year; seems we take turns passing one another) and Fewer took home the prize for the seventh consecutive time. One of the nice things about the Tely is that since the Telegram newspaper is the main sponsor, it obviously gets considerable coverage in the paper. This meant even my 'lowly' second place got a few lines of interview Q&A in the Monday edition (mostly asking me about how the race went and what I was doing in St. John's). Any interview is a bonus; you feel like a real athlete. A lot of papers wouldn't think to mention a lowly road race let alone ask the opinions of even lowlier runners! I guess with 84 runnings of the Tely, it's building a considerable history behind it.