Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A season summary: Tely 10, Calgary, and more

I'm not as much a fan of posting too many details about my own races. My favourite thing is to take a step back and see a larger picture. But as this season has been a busy and productive one, it seems disingenuous to ignore all people and places that have been part of 'my' running this season. My season started in April (not counting two indoor 3k races), and is taking a pause in August. In fact right now I'm on a work trip, writing this in Indiana of all places. First to boil down the facts, here's my races from the season.

 My 2015 Spring-Summer Road Races
Date Location Distance Place & Time  Rating*
April 25 Grande-Digue 15 km 2nd in 48:45 ★★★★
May 2 Lung Run 5 km 1st in 15:08 (PB!) ★★★
May 23 Cabot Trail Relay (Leg 17) 18.7 km 2nd in 1:02:05 (PB?) ★★★½
May 31 Calgary Half Marathon 21.1 km 8th in 1:09:14 (PB!) ★★★★
June 21 Halifast Track Event  5000 m 1st in 15:15 ★★
July 10 Antigonish Highland Games 5 Miler 8 km 2nd in 25:32 ★★★
July 26 Tely 10 16 km 2nd in 51:04 (PB!) ★★★★
Aug 3 Natal Day 6 Miler 9.6 km 2nd in 31:15  ★★★
*Rating (out of 4 stars) is a subjective combination of my feelings about my performance and the race itself. At the end of the day, it's hard to disentangle the two.

Some of the best season news is that I had no terrible races and no serious injuries. I never came close to dropping out or running hurt (running sore, well yes). Must be all those training heuristics I use (FYI: I don't keep a mileage log). Also one thing is for certain, I got real comfortable finishing behind the winner. On top of that, both of my victories were only 10 seconds ahead of second, so there was a real possibility of landing 7, let alone 5, runner-up positions. Fun fact: I finished behind a Matt (McNeil + Loiselle) a total of 4 times. Matts are fast!