Monday, 11 June 2012

In Halifax (and Lunenburg)

I said before I would write less often once I moved to Halifax and began work. Lo and behold I have.

I landed in Hali on Thursday, felt homesick for Montreal on Friday, then felt a little better Saturday. I was running a little here and there around the city to keep myself from losing all my familiar habits. Also it helps to get one's bearings sorted out. Went for a couple tours of Point Pleasant Park (home of many unleashed dogs and alliteration...). With a new job, new place, new city all at the same time I was glad for something usual.

Then, thanks to a fortuitous series of events, it was suggested by Scott, whom I met at the Tely 10 last year, that I try running Sunday's Lunenburg 5k. It's an hour's drive outside of Halifax, so I said I couldn't make it out there without a car. But he also generously offered a ride.

Lunenburg is a UNESCO world heritage site and was home to the Bluenose sailing vessel, without which we'd have no dimes. Though a very scenic place, I didn't see much of the town (only about 5k's worth).

Here are the results. I won in a time of 15:49. It was a small race, so winning itself wasn't out of the question. Perhaps the most unusual thing was that I won by out kicking someone literally half my age to the finish. I never used to have any kick. This is something I was working in the spring and seems to have paid off.

I have to run faster than this for the upcoming Tely 10 on July 27th, but considering it was a hilly course, I was exhausted from three days of travel, unpacking, and shopping, I'm not playing the sore winner. 

The post-race celebration included a huge sampling of various muffins for the runners. The race organizer gave us an ongoing tally of the muffin count ("We now have over 4000 muffins!"). I have since learned this is also known as the muffin festival. People were obviously hungry, cause even with only 420 runners they were soon all gone (For the record I only took four. Did someone eat, like, 15 muffins?). 

I was too tired to stay for the entire awards ceremony. After an hour of calling age category names there was no clear end in sight. Though it was cute there were 'local' awards, as practically everyone in the race was in-province (by local I think they meant cities that are not Halifax). I didn't mean to have my ride wait so long, so we left a bit early. Oh well. My disappearance will add an aura of 'mystery'. Yeah right.

Today is Monday. I finished my first day of work today, which looks like it'll include a challenging project. Hope to add some more info to that on my other site. Cheerio.

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