Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wedding crossword

Well folks, I'm officially married. Won't go into detail here about all the ins and outs of the day, but figured I could share the crossword I made for the occasion. Go ahead and save, print, try (or simply ignore) it. 

We handed out a printed version to all the guests before dinnerIt was fun to watch people scratching their heads over some of the more obfuscating clues; it meant they were interested in solving it. The trick in designing the thing was to make something relevant but doable for the more distant acquaintances (i.e. not have too many inside references). Interlocking is hard. Lots of wedding-related clues/answers, naturally. Had to bite my tongue not to include more than one mention of something running-related (see 57-Down). 

The winning table hailed from McGill. They won a basket full of Newfoundland chocolates and a photo of me officially congratulating them. I swear they had no advance warning on what to expect! Apparently they all worked together to solve the clues. That was the intention. Teamwork!

Oh, and here are the answers

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