Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Weekly training

Though I'd start a weekly training log. I haven't done one in a while. Problem is I don't really write down the miles I run. So here goes

Monday: Might have take this day off.  Can't remember. I dunno.

Tuesday: Think I ran twice this time. Once in morning, once in evening. The second time I did some intervals. Was it 5x800m in 2:20-something? Probably.

Wednesday:  Guess I ran for an hour. Sound about right.

Thursday: More running. Nine or ten by 200m. Didn't bring a watch so no idea how fast they were. Felt nice though.

Friday: Some pool and regular running.

Saturday: Ran a 5k in 15:30. Didn't feel very fast. Would someday like to do one in 14:30.

Sunday: Two hours, more or less. Didn't time it exactly. How many miles? Don't care.

That's all! I imagine other weeks will be the same, so I won't do this again. TTFN.

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