Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ottawa 10k

The Ottawa Race Weekend has come and gone. I ran the 10k in a time of 33 minutes on the dot. Not my fastest time but it will do. I need to start some serious speed though if I want to improve further. It's not a confidence booster in itself to run no faster than I was a few years ago but the difference is I can run more volume with less pain. I'm using different muscles when I run; I can feel the difference from a few years ago. Even with that amount of time it's a small distance, time-wise, from there to here.

Also have a little soreness near my Achilles. Could be that tib-post muscle again. I think so. Must be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise healthy. Strangely it hurt less after the race, not more. Today I almost thought it disappeared, like magic. Something CNS-related perhaps, or adrenaline.

In seven weeks I plan to run the Tely 10. We will see what happens. I want to increase my speed now, which has always been a delicate matter. That is, if I run speed too early I get fast, then get nowhere. By speed I mean doing intervals at or near race pace, may a few 150 meter repeats and fast 600s. In other words things that hurt. I figure about six weeks of speed intensity is about right. But I have no guarantees. Maybe this is too early, or too late. Tricking the body to run fast is the way I imagine it.

I'm somewhere in there. Actually, you really can see me.

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