Monday, 7 May 2012

Traveling to Vancouver

This week I'm off to Vancouver to visit a friend. I'm not sure if I'll have time to write, then again I might have a lot of free time on my hands. The plan is to maybe sit and read some, explore the museums, run around the city, and explore the trails. I have no deep-wooded excursions planned. Rarely in human history has man ever been more than a day's trek from home. Exploring beyond that often meant looking for a new home. Taking the latest technology/Gore-tex/GPC with you into the woods is a rustic experience akin to exploring the moon.  For cross country skiing and running I follow the trails. But I always look for one I haven't tried before. Stay the beaten path, but always looking for new ones to beat. Guess that implies something about me.

Been browsing lists of things to do in and around Vancouver. I just missed the Vancouver marathon held yesterday (May 6). Looks like the city puts on a good show. I noticed the hosts kept the full and half routes partially separate and scenic as possible. Overall, even though I haven't seen it for myself, I have to say it looks a lot more fun than Toronto's Waterfront marathon, which I will never run again. (NB: I recommend it to no-one. Worst. Race. Ever.) Never mind about that now. Next week Vancouver is also hosting a Spartan Race, which I will happily watch others do. At last a race more fun to watch than join.

Trails I'm looking to do include checking Capilano trail, Stanley Park, the waterfront route, and the Endowment lands around UBC.

It's too bad Vancouver has no bixi program. The perfect city for it, and I'd be able to cover twice as much ground as a tourist. I have since learned that the city insists all people wear helmets. I get myself in trouble for arguing (to people on this side of the ocean) that helmets do next to nothing in saving lives (also here), but there you go. At least it prevents them from having a bike share program. Way to go. Vancouver city council is pretty misguided. (I'll give you a shiny nickel for every picture of an Amsterdam cyclist wearing a helmet, about equal to the number of pedestrians and drivers who do). Europeans have more common sense than N. Americans. I won't let that spoil my mini vacation, but it's one more reason to consider leaving the country.

Amsterdam bike lot, one of many
Amsterdam cyclists
Vancouver cyclists. The Netherlands must seriously wonder about us.

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