Monday, 27 August 2012

Congrats to Edmund

I wanted to offer a belated congratulations to Edmund Milly on the completion of his cross-country journey from Montreal QC to Vancouver BC.  He ran the whole way. As of today his most recent blog entry leaves hims stranded in the prairies, but his Facebook makes it clear he has safely reached the coast. On a personal note it was fun to have seen him make the first few steps going west. Meanwhile I have moved out east to Halifax, alas, by car.

Edmund spent the 14 intervening weeks meditating on rural Canadian life. Read his stories to find out more. Significantly he's an avid listener to music but did not bring an ipod with him. What sort of soundtrack would you add to such an outing anyway? Apparently he did have, however, enough time to read the 1000-page 1Q84 on his journey. Well played sir.

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