Thursday, 16 August 2012

The meaning of blog

I'm reading Wilson's biography of Tolstoy. Not sure why I'm even reading it; I haven't even read Anna Karenina. But I read War and Peace and wanted more perspective. Thought I'd share a tidbit that has nothing to do with running but it seemed like a nice moment in self-refection (or what have you) by the author. Perhaps it has something to do with our need to record events in whatever form we have available, i.e. diary, book, blog, etc.

The passage of which I speak:
It could be said that it was only through the artifice of literature that [Tolstoy] was able to comprehend or impose a shape on the inchoate business of existence. The vast majority of the human race drifts without record from conception to extinction. Their lives go unrecorded, and it is only theology which might make us suppose that these individual lives have any previous or future existence, or indeed, during their passable existence on earth, that they have any identifiable significance. For most, it is a tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing; but, most significant of all, it is a tale which is not told. It is only by telling the tale that we create the illusion that there is a tale to tell...The act of record is in itself an act of artifice.  
I consider athletes among the 'vast majority', who produce so much (and in so little time), yet are hard pressed to keep any record of it themselves.

Ah, the mysteries of life.

That is all.

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