Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why I'm writing this blog

I figured if I waited until inspiration hit me for every post I'd never have consistent entries. I was on hiatus for a while mostly because I doubted the reason for writing this thing at all. I'm not married to the idea of running any more than I'm married to chemistry or movies. I tried to make this a blog about running, then realized that's a red herring, as naturally no-one can spend ten paragraphs writing about their awesome workout.

Well, some can. Not really my thing. Mostly I needed some reason to write. Telling my magical story behind my marathon training flopped big time, for no better reason because I was busy running.
But writing is good exercise for the mind. And probably good practice for more writing, like running improving your running. So my belated resolution is to write something, anything, until I can claim having made an 'entry'. I've been reading more of Jason Kotte's blog, updated almost every day and is about nothing in particular. I like that kind of inspired irreverence.  

I'll mention that I ran for 70 minutes today. My left achilles is a little sore even after five days of rest, but nothing like what happened last summer where it got bad enough to feel that 'squeaky' feel like you get with newly cooked beans chomped between your teeth. I keep an eye our for it every day.

I'm done.

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  1. the world needs more inspired irreverence